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Click on the link (lesson title) to listen to the audio, or, right click on the link to download an mp3 copy to your computer. If you have any problems, contact me by clicking on this link Lessons by Steve Fontenot unless indicated otherwise.

Nov 15, 2017, Wed class - Poor Decisions by Righteous Men  Neil McLeroy

Oct 29, 2017, Sun AM Class - Spiritual Wisdom in Ordering our Families    Jeff Bogs

Sep 17, 2014, Wed PM Class - Haggai  Neal McLeroy

Sep 14, 2014, Sun AM Class - Anger  John Whitehead

Sep 10, 2014, Wed PM Class - Habakkuk  Jeff Bogs

Sep 7, 2014, Sun AM Class - Truth  David Osteen

April 20, 2014, SunAM class - Moses - God’s Faithful and Humble Servant - Wally Ottersbach

April 23, 2014, WedPM class - Moses - God’s Faithful and Humble Servant(2) - Wally Ottersbach

Oct 20, 2013, Sun AM - The Jesus Myth (Part 1) - Joel Fontenot (preached at West Allen, TX)

  • Is the story of Jesus as found in your Bible reliable? Or is it, as some “scholars” claim, based on error ridden copies of scribes centuries removed from the actual events? 

Oct 20, 2013, Sun PM - The Jesus Myth (Part 2) - Joel Fontenot (preached at West Allen, TX)

  • Is the New Testament complete? Or, were a number of gospels omitted? Is the story of Jesus a true historical event, or is it but a revision of pagan myths that predated it?

Oct 16, 2013, Wed PM class - Jude (Part 1) - Rocky Rodriguez

Oct 20, 2013, Sun AM class -  Jude (Part 2) - Rocky Rodriguez

Oct 23, 2013, Wed PM class - Suffering for Good - John Whitehead

Survey on modesty—taken among the men in the Humble Church of Christ, 2007

Jan 3, 2003, Attitudes to Live By - (Sermon preached after cancer was found)

Sep 2, 2012,  Sun AM class - "Kingdom" - seven ways word used in the Bible   (Slides) © Steve Fontenot 2016