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All sermons by Steve Fontenot unless otherwise noted.

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Dec 29 AM, Why Should I Want to Attend All Bible Classes and Assemblies?

  • Should we want to? Why? What opportunities are presented in these that should make me want to attend?

Dec 29 PM, Satan’s Attack on the Family

  • Satan is successfully attacking and destroying families. What are his schemes? This lesson looks at three.

Dec 22 AM, No Room in the Inn

  • There was “no room in the inn” when Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem. They did not know who Jesus was. We do. Are we willing to make “room in the inn,” regardless of who it offends or what it costs us?

Dec 22 PM, The Just Shall Live By Faith - Justin Brinkley

  • This statement in found in Hab 2:4. What does it mean? A study designed to help us when challenged with unaswered questions about God’s moral government.

Dec 15 AM, The Virgin Birth

  • Is this one time event in history identifying Jesus as the Son of God credible? The two documents recording this event, their date, integrity and authors. Some pertinent questions considered.

Dec 8 AM, "Came Down Out of Heaven”

  • Jesus said he did not come from here, but came from heaven. Did he, or, was he insane? If he was, what does that mean for you and me?

Dec 1 AM, A “Christian”

  • What is a “Christian”? What is a “Christian” church? 

Dec 1 PM, Woman’s Worth … to Man

  • See previous lesson on woman’s value to God, Nov 3, pm. This lesson looks especially at three texts that are wrongly interpreted and misapplied resulting in devaluating woman in relation to man.

Nov 24 AM, Looking Back to the Bible

  • Where should be looking for our faith and practice? Should we be concerned with “old paths” or embracing new beliefs and practices that fit the modern age? Does insistence on following the Bible as a pattern put us out of touch with contemporary needs?

Nov 24 PM, Misrepresentations of God’s People

  • Is pointing out the error on another’s belief being “judgmental”? Are only members of the Church of Christ going to heaven?

Nov 17 AM, The Jesus Myth: Is the Bible True? Part 1 - Joel Fontenot

004716, The Jesus Myth: Is the BibleTrue?
  • What is the historical basis for believing the Bible is the inerrant Word of God? What about the claims that the modern Bible is full of errors, variations, and mistakes from the original text, rendering it inaccurate and untrustworthy?

Nov 17 PM, The Jesus Myth: Is the Bible True? Part 2Joel Fontenot

  • Is the New Testament complete, or, were other valid gospels were intentionally omitted? Is the story of Jesus based on pagan myths that predate Christianity by hundreds of years?

Nov 10 AM, The Devil

  • Need to be aware of the devil and his schemes. Terms used of the devil. He is a real being posssessing intelligence, will, and power, and Jesus viewed him as His adversary. (Lesson II in the evening—see below)

Nov 10 PM, The Devil, Part II

  • Scriptures indicating his nature and actions relative to his purpose in the world of men. Jesus Christ conquered the devil in the realm of intelligence, will, and power. (Lesson I in the morning—see above)

Nov 3 AM, He Will Convict the World of Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment - Jn 16:8-11

  • Who will convict the world, how will he do it, and what does it mean that that he will convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment? This mission is vital to our faith. 

Nov 3 PM, Woman’s Value in the Eyes of God

  • Does God in the Bible portray women as inferior, to  be regarded and treated without respect? 

Oct 27 AM, Beware of Covetousness

  • In Luke 12:15, Jesus warned  of the danger of "covetousness"—but what is it? He then said (v22f), "For this reason…" we ought to understand some things that will defend against it—what is it we need to understand and believe? Then he stressed the urgency of all this by saying, "Be ready!" (v35f) Why the urgency? 

Oct 27 PM, Withdrawing from Family

  • Should we withdraw from family members when they are impenitent? What if they are a husband or wife? How does this impact association with sons, daughters, brothers, or sisters?

Gospel Meeting - October 11-13 - Friday-Sunday

    Friday #1 - Levi Allen - Design evidences a Designer  [Rotational Velocity-PDF]

  • Heb 3:4, “every house is built by someone” - Show the evidence that design in creation supports faith in a Creator

    Friday #2 - Craig Ottersbach - Singing praise 

  • Jam 5:13 - “Is anyone cheerful? He is to sing praise.” - Discuss the obligation and value of signing praise from the heart.

    Saturday AM #1 - Rocky Rodriguez - Divided interests  

  • 1Co 7:34 - “and his interests are divided” NASB - Discuss difficulties and ways to meet them in a family where one mate is not a Christian

    Saturday AM #2 - Craig Moore - Challenges to change 

  • Eph 4:20-24 - “put on the new self” - Discuss the challenges one faces in a complete lifestyle change and how to be successful

    Saturday PM #1 - Michael Gove - Importance of the local church

  • 1Tim 3:15 - “the church...the pillar and support of the truth” - Show the importance of a good local church and involvement in it to an individual and a family

    Saturday PM #2 - John Whitehead - Training children

  • Pro 22:6 - “Train up a child in the way he should go” - Set forth important principles in training children

    Sunday AM - Mike Head - Studying the OT 

  • Rom 15:4 - “written for our instruction” - Show why studying the OT is valuable

    Sunday PM #1 - Doug BernardCommendable service

  • Mt 25:23 "Well done, good and faithful servant" - Discuss the importance of devoted service and the requisites to it

    Sunday PM #2 - Juan Popich - Resolute devotion to the Lord  

  • Acts 11:23 - “with resolute heart to remain true to the Lord” - Encourage resolute devotion to the Lord

Oct 6 AM, Faith is the Victory that Overcomes the World

  • 1Jn 5:4,5 - What is the "world" John is talking about and how does faith enable to overcome?

Oct 6 PM, Metonymy (see Sep 1 PM for 1st lesson)

  • Understanding metonymy can be a valuable tool in interpreting Scripture. This lesson looks at several texts as examples: Ac 1:18, "acquired a field"; Lk 22:17,20, "cup"; Mk 6:48, "intended to pass by them";  Mt 16:19, "bind…loose"; Tit 1:5, "appoint"

Sep 29 AM, Deceitfulness of Riches

  • Jesus warned of the "deceitfulness of riches," Mk 4:19. How do they deceive us? They make great promises, but ...

Sep 29 PM, The Work of the Church in Aiding the Needy

  • Who is the local church authorized to extend benevolence to — needy people in general, or, only those who are Christians? How would you answer, and can you explain why you answered as you did?

Sep 22 AM, Why You Should Attend Sunday Night and Wednesday Night

  • To encourage those who do not attend Sunday and Wednesday PM, commend those who do, and to equip faithful saints to biblically admonish others.

Sep 22 PM, Misrepresentations of God's People

  • We should not be surprised, ashamed, or alarmed that we are misrepresented relative to our faith and practice.  This lesson considers three misrepresentations the people of God may hear: "You believe in water salvation"; " You teach salvation by works of human merit nullifying grace";  "You don't believe in the Old Testament."

Sep 15 AM, Fight the Good Fight of Faith

  • 1Tim 6:12 - This study looks at two things addressed in this letter to Timothy that we must fight against: Temptation; Discouragement (See Sep 1 AM for 1st lesson)

Sep 15 PM, Hark the Herald Angels Sing (third stanza)   (slide)

  • In the third stanza: "Hail the Son of righteousness…ris'n with healing in His wings….Come, Desire of the Nations, come." These phrases are taken from two OT passages, one in Malachi and one in Haggai. What do they mean?

Sep 8 AM, Faith in the Face of Unanswered Questions

  • There are many difficult questions to which there is no answer, e.g. why are the rigtheous allowed to suffer, why aren't the wicked judged, etc. How can we have faith in the face of these real issues?

Sep 8 pm, Dealing with Anger

  • Christians whould put aside anger and wrath, Col 3:8,9. But, we may find it difficult. This lesson is a consideration of some things that may help us.

Sep 1 AM, Fight the Good Fight of Faith

  • 1Tim 6:12 - This study looks at two things addressed in this letter to Timothy that we must fight against: Dishonesty; Deception (see Sep 15 AM for 2nd lesson)

Sep 1 PM, Metonymy

  • Understanding metonymy can be a valuable tool in interpreting Scripture. This lesson looks at several texts that illustrate clearly its usage, and others that are misinterpreted in religion today, e.g. Jn 6, "eat my flesh"; 1Jn 2:20, "you have an anointing"; Eph 5:18, "filled with the Spirit"; Ac 1:5, "baptized in the Holy Spirit"  

Aug 25 AM, Inspiration of the Scriptures

  • Some might be told that the "modern thinker" does not believe every part of the Bible is accurate, and deny the writers were infallibly guided. Does the Bible claim to be the Word of God? How did Jesus view the Scriptures? 

Aug 18 AM, God's Plan for Saving Our Children

  • The desire of every godly parent is that their children sincerely, devotedly serve God. What is your plan to reach that goal? This lesson looks at God's two pronged plan.

Aug 18 PM, The Calling With Which We Have Been Called, Eph 4:1 - Justin Brinkley

  • What is this calling? How should it make us think and live? 

Aug 11 AM, Faith, Hope, and Perseverance

  • Faith is the foundation of hope and hope is vital to perseverance in the face of trial

Aug 11 PM, The Family and Its Impact

  • The family's tremendous impact emphasizes the importance of parental and sibling influence. However, one is not a captive to the impact of the family and one is thus responsible for their choices.

Aug 4 AM, Five Stubborn FactsTodd McAdams

  • Five facts about Jesus Christ that cannot be denied

Aug 4 PM, You are the ChristTodd McAdams

  • What did Peter's confession mean to them? What does it man to you?

July 28 AM, Passion for the Old Testament - Justin Brinkley

  • Why the Old Testament should cause our hearts to "burn within us" - value of studying the Old Testament

July 28 PM, Dangers from Within - Neal McLeroy

  • Dangerous thinking threatening the purity of churches of Christ

July 21 AM, - The Greatest Day -  Bubba Garner

  • Three lessons from the parable of the virgins to help us be prepared for the greatest day of our life.

July 14 AM, Anger   (slides)

  • Is it wrong to be angry? What are two kinds of anger the Scriptures discuss? Does Eph 4:26 justify anger?

July 14 PM, Personal EvangelismJustin Brinkley

  • Five things that can help our approachability in trying to teach people the gospel.

July 7 AM, God and Giving   (slides)

  • The proper attitude toward and practice in giving will be motivated and governed by one's atitude toward God.

July 7 PM, Lessons from the Life of Joseph - Justin Brinkley

  • Lives of people in the OT are recorded that we might learn from them. This lesson is a study of ten practical lessons that can be learned from the life of Joseph.

June 30 AM, You Have Need of Endurance   (slides)

  • In the face of trials and difficulties, the Hebrews Christians are encouraged to endurance in doing the will of God so they can receive the reward, Heb 10:34-36. Endurance in doing the will of God is needed in other areas as well, and difficulties, disappointments, and other trials should not deter us. 

June 30 PM, Response to the Gospel - Justin Brinkley

  • The book of Acts shows people responding to the gospel without delay once they heard it and were convinced of its truth. Should this not be a pattern for our response to God's Word today?

June 23 AM, Jesus Christ - He Came from Heaven   (slides)

  • In the gospel of John, Jesus' heavenly origin and thus His divine nature is brought forth, and it is made a vital factor of what men must believe about Him.

June 23 PM, Baptism - Errors taught and believed   (slides)  [See June 16 PM for 3rd lesson; May 12 PM for 1st lesson]

  • Is baptism a sacrament? Christ was not baptized for remission of sins; doesn't this show baptism is not for the remission of sins? Can one be baptized by sprinkling or pouring?

June 16 AM, Filled with the Spirit - Eph 5:18f   (slides)

  • What does it mean to be "filled with Spirit" as stated in Eph 5:18? What are the results? Comparison with Colossians. Consideration of the context of Eph 5 and 6.

June 16 PM, Baptism - Errors taught and believed  (slides)   [See June 9 AM for 2nd lesson; June 23 PM for 4th lesson]

  • Since Paul said, "Christ sent not to baptize"—does this mean Paul did not teach baptism was necessary for salvation? Literal water cannot touch the soul, so how can baptism in water cleanse the soul from sin? Isn't infant baptism found in the household baptisms of the New Testament?

June 9 AM, Baptism - Errors taught and believed  (slides)   [see May 12 PM for 1st lesson, June 16 PM for 3rd lesson]

  • Isn't baptism is a work? Paul said we are not saved by works. Doesn't the fact that baptism is not mentioned in John 3:16 show that it is not necessary to be saved? 

June 9 PM, Who and When of Withdrawing   (slides)

  • Who ought to be withdrawn from and when?

June 2 AM, Relationship to Non-Christians - Coy Baldwin

  • What is our major responsibility to non-Christians? Suggestions for fulfilling that responsibility.

June 2 PM - Thief on the Cross - Coy Baldwin

  • What about the thief on the cross? Does his salvation prove baptism is not necessary for salvation?

May 26 AM, What do you have a right to expect as a member of a local church?  (slides)

  • As a member of a local church, what do you have a right to expect of the church, its leaders, its preachers?

May 19 AM, Elder's children   (slides)

  • Must an elder have more than one child? Must they be Christians? Must they be alive and faithful to the Lord?

May 19 PM, Elder's children - forum   

  • Forum dealing with questions submitted relating to the morning lesson. 

May 12 AM, What and Why of Withdrawing   (slides)

  • Withdrawing from impenitient people is commanded. What is "withdrawing"? Why did God command we do it?

May 12 PM, Baptism - Errors taught and believed   (slides)       [See June 9 AM for second lesson]

  • Is baptism essential to be saved? If so, what about the thief on the cross? Isn't it but a symbol of salvation already enjoyed? Necessary to obedience but not to be saved?

May 5 AM, Evidence for Christ' Resurrection—The Empty Tomb   (slides)

  • How important is whether Jesus was raised from the dead? How can we ascertain if it is true? A study of the evidence of the empty tomb.

May 5 PM, Efforts to Account for the Empty Tomb   (slides)

  • A look at the efforts made by unbelievers to acount for the empty tomb. 

Apr 28 AM, Plan of Salvation   (slides)

  • God has a "plan" for man's salvation in Christ, Eph 1:9-10. This plan has requirements that must be obeyed, or complied with, Ac 6:7. To ignore or alter these requirements is to change God's plan. What are these?

Apr 28 PM, Three Things   (slides)

  • Paul discusses three different kind of "things" in Col 2:20-3:17 (things of man-made religion; things of the world; things above) and applies them to three different relationships (one-another; family; slave/master).

Apr 21 AM, Working Together (slides)

  • Lessons from 1Corinthians to encourage brethren not to get discouraged or misdirected in facing problems that arise when working together in a local church. 

Apr 21 PM, When You Are Slandered (slides)

  • Slander is sinful and Christians will strive to avoid it. But, what about when others slander you…?

Apr 14, Sun AM, Slander - It's Nature and Fruits   (slides)

  • What is "slander"? Must something be false to be slander? Is "gossip" slander?

Apr 14, Sun PM, How to Avoid Slandering   (slides)

  • Some suggestions to help us avoid falling guilty to slandering.

Apr 7, Sun AM, What Do You Think About the Christ?   (slides)

  • Jesus Christ asked this question of the Pharisees and His disciples. Whether young, middle aged, or older, Christ would ask us the same question. What is YOUR answer? 

Mar 31, Sun AM, Is It Wrong To Want To Die?   (slides)

  • Thru the ages people have wanted to die. Is that bad? Is that an attitude a godly person ought to have? 

Mar 31, Sun PM, The Family - Divine in Origin   (slides)

  • The family originates with God, therefore Divine Law regulates, Divine Wisdom orders, and Divine Care observes and judges.

Mar 24, Sun AM, The Lamb's Book of Life - Sunday Ayandare

  • Is your name in the Lamb's Book of Life? Why you should want it there and how to be sure it is there.

Mar 17, Sun AM, Mt 16:13-27, Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church   (slides)

  • A study of Mt 16:13-27 with particular focus on who or what the "Rock" was that Jesus said He would build His church on. Is Peter the "Rock" on which the church is built? 

Mar 17, Sun PM, How can Peter being the Pope be reconciled with the fact he was married?

  • Since the Pope must be a single man, but Peter was married, how could he be the first Pope as Roman Catholicism teaches? 

Mar 10, Sun AM, Faith and Fairy Tales   (slides) (Evidence alluded to and further resources)

  • Faith in God and the Gospel is NOT like faith in fairy tales, as suggested by athiests and some "believers."     2Pt 1:16, "we did not follow cunningly devised fables …" NKJV

Mar 10, Sun PM, Noah's Salvation and Ours   (slides)

  • After mentioning  the salvation of Noah, Peter says, "corresponding to that, baptism now saves you…" 1Pt 3:21. This lessons looks at three comparisons between Noah's salvation and ours.

Mar 3, Sun AM, Why…?   (slides)  

  • From ancient times men have asked, "Why…?" This lesson looks at some of those, some of God's responses, and some vital questions we ought to ponder.

Mar 3, Sun PM, God asks, "Why…?"   (slides)

  • (Contrast the morning lesson.) When God asks a question, it is not for information, but to teach. His "Why?" questions provide valuable insight into His will and attitude.

Feb 24, Sun AM, The Joy of the Lord is your Strength, Neh 8:10 (slides)

     The joy the Lord provides strength against difficulties, trials, and temptations that confront us.

Feb 24, Sun PM, The Holy Spirit and the Gospel   (slides)

      The Holy Spirit is involved in our salvation from beginning to end. In what way?

Feb 17, Sun AM, How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?

     Words from the book of wisdom (Proverbs) to help guard the young (and all) from destruction

Feb 17, Sun PM, Fruits of Atheism   (slides)   (notes with quotes)

     What are the fruits of atheism?

Feb 3, Sun AM, How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?   (slides)

     Words from the book of wisdom (Proverbs) to help guard the young (and all) from destruction

Feb 3, Sun PM, Why I Believe in Jesus V   (slides)

     Objective reasons for believing in Jesus (His moral glory)

Jan 27, Sun AM, Why I Believe in Jesus IV   (slides)

     Objective reasons for believing in Jesus (Resurrection from the dead)

Jan 27, Sun PM, The Burden of the Lord

     Jer 23:23-40 - Attitudes toward "heavy" preaching about judgment and condemnation

Jan 20, Sun AM Bible Class, Romans chapters 12-13   Jesse Jenkins

     A study of these two chapters in Romans

Jan 20, Sun AM, The Deity of Christ   Jesse Jenkins    (slides)

     Jesus Christ was fully God as he was fully man while on the earth

Jan 20, Sun PM, If the Foundations are Destroyed . . . ?   Jesse Jenkins    (slides)

     If the foundations of family, civil government, and the church are destroyed, what will the righteous do?

Jan 19, Sat PM, Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross   Jesse Jenkins    (slides)

     Lessons from Jesus' sayings on the cross

Jan 19, Sat AM, Where God Recorded His Name   Jesse Jenkins    (slides)

     A lesson on authority with application to modern day practices

Jan 18, Fri PM, Justification   Jesse Jenkins   (slides)

     Justification by grace thru an obedient faith made possible by the blood of Christ.

Jan 13 AM, Worship   Mike Cox

     God desires and deserves worship, but this worship is for our good

Jan 6 AM, Resolutions   (slides)

     Resolutions in Scripture showing their importance, impact, and absolute essentiality.

Jan 6 PM, Why I Believe in Jesus III   (slides)

     Objective reasons for believing in Jesus (Fullfilled all prophecies of the Messiah)

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