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Dec 28 Sun AM, Brevity of Life   (slides)

  • A constant awarenesss of the brevity of human life can help us have wisdom in accessing life’s difficulties, disapppointments, joys, and prioritites: Psa 90; Psa 39; 1Co 7; Jam 4; 2Cor 4

Dec 21 Sun AM, “we have come to worship Him” Mt 2:2   (slides)

  • Much is said and done, especially at this time of year, proposedly to “worship” Christ. But, is Christ worshipped when men ignore his authority, his role, and his plan of salvation?

Dec 21 Sun PM, Christ—Son of Man, Son of God, Lamb of God   (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

  • What is meant when Christ is called “Son of Man,” “Son of God,” or “Lamb of God”? 

Dec 14 Sun AM, Spiritual Person   (slides)

  • What is a ”spiritual” person? A study of how the New Testament defines a “spiritual” person incontrast to various ideas that people have.  

Dec 14 Sun PM, Testing Those Who Desire to Serve as Elders   (slides)

  • They “must be tested,” 1Tim 3:10. The congregation must render a “judgment.” Principles in God’s Word to aid is rendering just judgment.

Dec 7 Sun AM, The Faith Principle   James Devoll   (slides)

  • We are justified by faith, that is, the faith principle. What is it? Three elements of it.

Dec 7 Sun PM, Dancing   James Devoll   (slides)

  • Is dancing wrong? Why? What is the purpose of dancing?

Dec 3 Wed PM Class, Maturing in Christ   Wally Ottersbach

  • Traits that should characterize the maturing Christian

Nov 30 Sun AM Class, Abortion (2)

  • Continuation of study on Abortion. See lesson one on Nov. 26.

Nov 30 Sun AM, What Can I Do?   (slides)

  • What can each and every member do to contribute to the work of a local church?

Nov 26 Wed PM Class, Abortion

  • Finished discussion of Indwelling of the Holy Spirit and began study of Abortion. Human life is sacred—when do the Scriptures indicate human life begins? See lesson two on Nov. 30.

Nov 23 Sun AM Class, Indwelling of the HolySpirit (2)

  • The Scriptures teach that the Holy Spirit “dwells in” the Christian. Is it a literal, mystical indwelling? If not, what does it mean? What are the practical benefits of the Holy Spirit indwelling the Christian?

Nov 23 Sun AM, Daniel 2 Fulfilled in the Spiritual Reign of Jesus Christ   (slides)

  • “In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom” Dan 2:44. Evidence that this prophecy was fulfilled in the spiritual reign of Jesus Christ and continues to this day. 

Nov 19 Wed PM Class, Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

  • The Scriptures teach that the Holy Spirit “dwells in” the Christian. Is it a literal, mystical indwelling? If not, what does it mean? How does it affect the Christian? 

Nov 16 Sun AM Class, Suicide - Right or Wrong (Part 2)

  • Is it OK to take one’s own life in the face of suffering, depression, failure, financial ruin?

Nov 16 Sun AM, Be All the More Diligent   (slides)

  • In a number of scriptures Christians are urged to be diligent in various facets of their life. What does it mean to be “diligent”? In what are Christians exhorted to be diligent and what are the practical applications? 

Nov 16 Sun PM, If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer   (slides)

  • Why would one set his heart on being an overseer when it is often fraught with difficulty, heartache, thanklessness, and there is no monetary or worldly gain? Who is to decide who is qualified for this task?

Nov 12 Wed PM Class, Suicide - Right or Wrong?

  • Is it OK to take one’s own life in the face of suffering, depression, failure, financial ruin?

Nov 9 Sun AM Class, Evangelism  Rocky Rodriguez   (slides)

  • What is evangelism? Who are to be evangelized? Who is to evangelize? Why evangelize?

Nov 9 Sun PM, Here I Am, Send Me   Rocky Rodriguez  (slides)

  • Encouragement to have the attitude Isaiah had and be ready to do what we can to serve our great God.

Nov 9 Sun PM, God Comforts His People   Javier Leal

  • God comforts his people in providentially, through His people, and through His promises.

Nov 5 Wed PM Class, Can Christians be Soldiers, Policemen, Carry Weapons?

  • This lesson explores the difference in killing and murder and its application to the question whether Christians can be soldiers, policemen, and carry weapons.

Nov 02 AM Class, 1Co 11:1-16 - The Covering  (Rod’s handout 2pages) (Steve’ handout 2pages) 

  • Rod Himes and Steve Fontenot present differing views about the covering of 1Co 11.

Nov 02 AM, Satan’s Attack on the Family   (slides)

  • Three areas in which Satan is making his assualt on the family.

Nov 02 PM, Questions of Life as We Advance in Years 

  • What are we doing with our life as we mature in years? Questions based on Scriptures to challenge self examination.

Oct 29 Wed PM Class, The Days of Creation   (slides)

  • Jesus testimony; Radioactive dating; How did Adam name all the animals before creating Eve on the 6th day? 

Oct 26 AM Class, The Days of Creation   (slides)   (questions)

  • Evidences that the six days of creation were what we would call “solar," or 24 hour days.

Oct 26 Sun AM, Four Point Approach to Evolution   (slides)

  • Four basic points that can be easily remembered and serve as a sure foundation upon which to stand and build when assailed by evolution.

Oct 26 PM, Guard Yourselves from Idols, 1Jn 5:21  (slides)

  • The “idols” John was referring to were not graven images made of stone or wood. an “idol” can be an idea or imaginition about God that is false. What “idols” was John warning about in 1John?

Oct 22 Wed PM Class, The Days of Creation   (slides)   (questions)

  • Were the days of creation 24 hour days or long ages? Is it important? What difference does it make?

Oct 19 Sun AM Class, Who Baptizes You   (slides)   (questions)

  • Does it make any difference who baptizes you? Must it be a Christian? A man?

Oct 19 Sun AM, False Concepts of God   (slides)

  • Three false concepts of God: Can be represented by idols; Approves of the confused and divided religious world; Indifferent to sin because He does not immediately punish.

Oct 19 Sun PM, Read and Teach God’s Word   (slides)

  • Knowing and appreciating the contents of the books of the Bible should be incentive to devote ourselves to the study of them and the desire to teach them. Brief survey of Ezra through Revelation.

Oct 15 Wed PM Class, Confessing Sin Publicly   (slides)

  • Does public confession prove repentance? Does it guarantee no consequences? Confession of sin we should be practicing.

Oct 12 Sun AM Class, Confessing Sin Publicly   (slides)

  • When should sin be confessed publicly before the congregation?

Oct 12 Sun AM, Grace, Faith, and Obedience   (slides)

  • Does teaching works of obedience being necessary to salvation nullify salvation by grace and justification by faith?  This lesson looks at the relationship of grace, faith, and obedience in God’s dealings with man in the Patriarchal, Jewish, and Christian dispensations.

Oct 12 Sun PM, Obedience   (slides)

  • Obedience to God’s commands is not the focus nor mold of much religion and religious people. Should it be? How important is obedience to commands?

Oct 8 Wed PM Class, Questions on Prayer   (slides)

  • Can a woman lead the prayer when men are present? Can we pray to Jesus?

Oct 5 Sun AM Class, Gambling / Questions on Prayer   (slides)

  • Efforts to jusfity gambline considered. Is “pray over” scriptural terminology? Can a woman lead prayer in the presence of men?

Oct 5 Sun AM, What Must I Do to be Saved?   (slides)

  • This questions was asked three times in the book of Acts, and three different answers were given. Should we conclude it is simply too confusing? Should we just chose the one we like?

Oct 5 Sun PM, Jesus, Love, and Obedience   (slides)

  • Did Jesus show laxity towards obedience and put emphasis maily on love, or did he emphasize respect for authority and obedience in his life and teaching? “Christians” follow Jesus - which one?

Oct 1 Wed PM Class, Gambling   (slides)

  • Principles to aid the Christian in deciding whether he should avoid participation in gambling

Sep 28 Sun AM Class, Holy Spirit Baptism verses the Gift of the Holy Spirit   (slides)

  • This lesson discusses how we can distinguish between the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gift of the Spirit. It also discusses the difference in the gift of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Sep 28 Sun AM, Daily Challenge to Trust and Obey   (slides)

  • We sing that to trust and obey is the way to be happy in Jesus. And it is. Can we so live in the face of the challenges we face daily? This lesson looks at the link between trusting (faith) and obeying. 

Sep 28 PM, Growth of a Child of God   (slides)

  • This lesson explores why we should be interested in growing and four things that affect growth as a child of God.

Sep 26 Fri PM, How to Make a Spiritual Comeback  David Watson

  • Ezra dedicated himself to helping God’s people make a spiritual comeback. In this lesson we see some of the things he did to help him accomplish that.

Sep 25 Thur PM, When the Son of Man Comes in His Glory  David Watson

  • Jesus is coming again, Mt 25:31-46. We can learn several things from this text about His return and judgment of mankind. 

Sep 24 Wed PM, Age of the Earth  David Watson   (notes)   (slides)

  • What the Bible says about the age of the earth and what evolution says are in irreconcilable conflict. Who is right? Evidences regarding the age of the earth are considered in this lesson. 

Sep 24 Wed AM, Calling Evil Good and Good Evil  David Watson

  • Like the corrupt society of Isa 5:20, today people call what is evil, “good,” and what is good, “evil.” This lesson looks at three areas in which this is done. What can we do in the face of this?

Sep 23, Tue PM, Joseph of Arimathea  David Watson

  • Three observations about Joseph of Arimathea that can serve as an example and encouragement to us.

Sep 23, Tue AM, Scientific Foreknowledge of the Bible  David Watson  (notes)  (slides)

  • Statements found in the Bible that touch on facts of science not disovered by science until centuries later. How did the writers know the truth about these things instead of reflecting the ignorance of their day? Do these point to the fact that they were empowered by God in the things written?

Sep 22 Mon PM, Money and Contentment in Three Verses  David Watson

  • Three scriptures that the Holy Spirit has provided to give wise counsel relative to our attitude toward money and contentment.

Sep 21 AM Class, Creating Spiritual Habits  David Watson

  • Christians are expected to grow. How? Three spiritual habits to help us grow.

Sep 21 AM, Dealing with Discouragement  David Watson

  • Two suggestions to help us deal with discouragement when overwhelemed by difficult circumstances.

Sep 21 PM, What the Angels Said about Jesus  David Watson

  • Angels are not humans, but spiritual beings on a higher level. What did they say about Jesus?

Sep 14 AM, Parable of the Talents - Devotion to teaching the Word   Craig Moore

  • A challenge to use our abilities in our devotion to God to teach others to help bring people to Christ or to help people live faithfully in Christ

Sep 14 PM, Who is Jesus?  Javier Leal

  • A rich study showing that Jesus was both Divine and Human.

Sep 7 AM, Believing and Obeying   David Osteen

  • With a clear and simple analogy, David shows the importance of believing, obeying, and not being led astray by others, and thereby illustrates why people do not follow the clear teaching of Mark 16:16. 

Aug 31 AM, The Family’s Effect of the Church   (slides)

  • The principles studied in two previous lessons (Sailing the Seven Cs) will help to make smooth sailing for the couples themselves. This lesson considers how problems in a family can affect the church.

Aug 31 PM, “not…but” degree of comparison   (slides)

  • The “not…but” degree of comparison occurs extensively in the Bible and understanding it can provide better understanding and a valuable tool for interpretation.

Aug 24 AM, Secret of Contentment  Justin Brinkley

  • Paul said, “I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am” (Php 4:11). What enabled Paul to experience such contentment, even while unjustly in prison? This lesson looks at some of the things he referred to in this very letter.

Aug 24 PM, Sailing the Seven Cs II   (slides)

  • Marriage can be stormy as it can be when sailing the seven seas. However, observing principles set forth in God’s Word can go a long way to calming the seas and making the voyage wonderful! See Aug 10 PM for the first lesson.

Aug 17 AM, Unity  Joel Williams

  • Can we have unity when we disgree on some things?

Aug 17 PM, Report on work in South Africa, Namibia, Belgium  (slides)  Joel Williams

  • Report on the work in South Africa with challenge to all of us to be more involved in looking for opportunities to teach the lost.

Aug 10 AM, Idolatry Today  Justin Brinkley

  • God never tolerated idolatry. Hosea warns Israel of God’s judgment, and in love calls them to repentance (see lessons, July 27, Aug 3). What is idolatry? Is it possible WE are guilty today? If so, HOW?

Aug 10 PM, Sailing the Seven Cs   (slides)

  • Marriage can be stormy as it can be when sailing the seven seas. However, observing principles set forth in God’s Word can go a long way to calming the seas and making the voyage wonderful!

Aug 3 AM, Tithing   (slides)  (percentage chart)

  • What is tithing? Who did it? What was tithed? Should we tithe today? Is the information provided by the Scriptures on tithing of any benefit in helping us purpose what to give?

Aug 3 PM, Hosea 2 - Story of Judgment and Love  (slides)  Justin Brinkley

  • (see July 27 PM for lesson 1. Short lesson tonight due to budget meeting afterward)

July 27 AM, Teaching III (see 6/15/14 for lesson II)  (slides)

  • This lesson surveys Joshua - 2Chronicles as material that provides rich content to for “What to teach?” Also, it encourages the reading and study necessary that can prepare men and women to teach.

July 27 PM, Hosea 1 - God's wrath and judgment on His people (slides)  Justin Brinkley

  • God is to be feared. Yet, he is so full of love, that He longs for His people to repent and return. This is seen in the prophet Hosea’s message to Israel.

July 20 AM, Worship - Giving   (slides)

  • Is the act of giving an act of worship like singing, praying, and partaking of the Lord’s Supper? (4th lesson in this series - see July 13 am for third lesson)

July 20 PM, He Preached Jesus to Him   (slides)   Justin Brinkley

  • What was in the scroll of Isaiah the eunuch was reading (Acts 8) that may have been of such interest and when learning caused him to go on his way rejoicing?

July 13 AM, Worship - Lord’s Supper   (slides)

  • The Lord’s Supper is an act of worship. What facet of worship? How does impact how we partake? (3rd lesson of series - see July 6 Aamfor 2nd lesson)

July 13 PM, Jesus’ Ministry and Purpose II   (slides)   Justin Brinkley

  • Jesus’ ministry as The Good Shepherd, John 10. (see July 6 pm for lesson I)

July 6 AM, Worship - Prayer   (slides)

  • “Worship” and what it is applied to prayer. (2nd lesson of series - see June 29 AM for 1st lesson)

July 6 PM, Jesus’ Ministry and Purpose I  Justin Brinkley

  • A consideration of Jesus ministry and purpose based on Mt 9. (1st of two part study)

June 29 AM, Worship - Singing   (slides)

  • What is “worship”? How does this apply to singing? (1st lesson of four on worship applied to singing, prayer, the Lord’s Supper, and giving. 2nd lesson - July 6 am.)

June 22 PM, Transformation in the Life of Paul Justin Brinkley

  • Paul’s life was transformed dramatically, from zealous persecutor of Christians, to one of the most devoted Christians himself. Besides his change, this lesson looks at five things he wrote about his change in his epistles.

June 22 AM, The Scriptures Teach that Water Baptism is Essential to Salvation   (slides)

  • The need and nature of this study; three passages considered

June 15 PM, Teaching   (slides)

  • One of the biggest challenges in teaching is, “What to teach?” “What material can I use?”  This lesson suggests learning and using the material we have in our hands—the Word of God.

June 15 AM, The God that Is  (slides)

  • Know about, believing in, worshipping the one true, God, the God that is (as opposed to gods of humanism, pantheism, mythology, idolatry), is the foundation Moses appealed to for molding the nation of Israel and that Paul appealed to in presenting the gospel of God.

June 8 AM, Fellowship with God   Trey Haskett

  • God created man to have fellowship with him. Who can enjoy that fellowship? How is it restored if lost?

June 8 PM, Regret Eric Ottersbach

  • We sometimes make choices that bring sorrowful consequences.  Regret can be good, or it can be paralyzing. We may regret the choices, but what do we do about it? God’s Word has an answer.

June 1 AM, Looking Upward   (slides)   Trey Haskett

June 1 PM, The Dangers of Bad Influences   Andrew Brockner

May 25 AM, Repentance, Lk 15   (slides)

  • The thread of repentance runs through Luke 15. Some lessons to be learned about repentance, about our Lord and his attitude toward the penitent, and about our attitude toward the penitent.

May 25 PM, Discrepancies—Witnesses of the Resurrection    (slides)

  • The resurrection is a cornerstone of the truth of the gospel. Unbelieves attempt to undermine its credibility by charging the record of the witnesses with descripencies and contradictions. Is it true?

May 18 AM, Humble Service   Gary Scott

  • The humility expected of Christians and how it impacts the service we render.

May 11 AM, Teaching   (slides)

  • Can you teach? Do you want to teach? Should you want to teach? What is the value of teaching? 

May 11 PM, Sound or Sound Asleep   (slides)   Trey Haskett

  • Do we have a “name” of being alive when we are in fact, “dead”? Are we “sound,” or “sound asleep”? 

May 4 AM, Church Discipline    (slides)

  • Our responsibility to those who were once Christians but are now impenitent.

May 4 PM, Forum on Church Discipline

  • Various questions addressed.

April 27 AM, The All-Seeing Eye   (slides)

  • Nothing we think, say, or do is hidden from God’s sight. Yet, throughout history men have acted like they can hide themselves from God. A reminder of what we know, but sometimes fail to act like we believe.

April 27 PM, I will not speak anymore in His name   (slides)

  • Those who have the responsibility of teaching or preaching God’s Word can get so discouraged they want to quit. Why? And what should they do?

April 20 AM, Rightly Handling the Word of Truth    (slides)  Trey Haskett

April 20 PM, The Power is in the Word  Trey Haskett

April 13 AM, Difficulties of Trials vs Victory of Faith   (slides)

  • Job’s depression and despair versus the victorious and joyful attitude of faith

April 13 PM, Synecdoche (2)   (slides)

  • What is “synecdoche”? In this lesson some clear examples from the Bible are given, and then some passages are considered where it is critical in interpretation. (See first lesson on Mar 23 PM)

April 6 AM, Why do we believe…

  • Why do we believe the Bible? Why do we believe the claim the Bible makes that Jesus is the Son of God? Can we give a reasonable, credible answer?

April 6 PM, Agency

  • Understanding the principle of agency, or media, can be a valuable tool in interpretation of Scripture and in deflecting the claims that the Bible contradicts itself.

Mar 30 AM, “I Have Sinned”   (slides)

  • Confessions of sin are not all the same, nor are they always accepted by God, nor do they guarantee exception from sorrow. However, confession from a truly penitent heart accesses the matchless grace of God.

Mar 23 AM, Alpha and Omega   (slides)

  • “Alpha and Omega” occurs only in Revelation. To whom does it refer and what did it mean to the Christians to whom the letter was written?

Mar 23 PM - Synecdoche    (slides)

  • What is “synecdoche”? In this lesson some clear examples from the Bible are given, and then some passages are considered where it is critical in interpretation. (See second lesson on April 13 pm)

Mar 16 AM, Luke’s Introduction  (slides)

  • What, Where, How, and Why Luke wrote his account about Jesus.

Mar 16 PM, The Cancerous Nature of Sin  Trey Haskett  (slides)

  • Sin, like cancer, is destructive. It does not stop with initial infection, but spreads in self and impacts others.

Mar 9 AM, God’s Ways are Better for Training Youth   (slides)

  • What is God’s plan for training youth? Do we need a “youth minister”? How about “youth groups,” “youth activities,” “youth devotions,” and separate “youth assemblies? 

Mar 9 PM, The Two Builders , Mt 7:24-29  (slides)

  • Both “hear”; Both “hear these words of mine”; neither builder has never heard of Jesus, neither is an infidel, neither is someone with no interest in religion. What is the difference in the two builders?

Mar 2 AM, God’s Ways are Better   (slides)

  • God is infinitely wise, loving, and powerful. Combine that with his sovereign authority, and we have the perfect plan that demands man’s respect and compliance. But, man innovates, adds, and substitutes...

Mar 2 PM, Winning the Day Trey Haskett   (slides)

  • How to live each day victoriously by controlling and molding our attitudes, aspirations, and actions.

Feb 23 AM, Timeless Role Models   (slides)

  • All kind of excuses are given for young people leading irresponsible, ungodly, immoral lives—e.g., part of youth, everyone does it, society, human nature, dysfunctional family, etc. However, historical case studies show that it does not have to be this way. This lesson examines two young people found in Biblical history.

Feb 23 PM, Timeless Role Models II   (slides)

  • This lesson follows on the morning lesson and examines three more young people in Bible history that demonstrate young peole can rise above their surroundings and live godly, responsible, moral lives.

Feb 16 AM, Prisoner but Free   (slides)

  • Paul was a Roman prisoner, but he did not let his circumstances keep him from his dedication to serve Christ as his King, and to serve as he had opportunity. He was not imprisoned by despair or depression by his circumstances, but by his attitude and conduct became an example to others.

Feb 16 PM, God is Dead  Trey Haskett   (slides)

  • Why we should respond to the world’s claim that God is Dead, and how we should respond in actions and words.

Feb 9 AM, Burdens — Four Kinds  (slides)  (supplemental notes)

  • We are encouraged to “bear one another’s burdens” (Gal 6:2), but then told that “each one will bear his own load” (Gal 6:5). The psalmist encourages to “cast your burden upon the Lord” (Psa 55:22), and Jesus invites us to take his yoke for “my burden is light” (Mt 11:29,30). What lessons are being taught by these four differenct uses of the concept of “burden”?

Feb 9 PM, The Adulteress of John 8 (slides)

  • Does Jesus’ attitude toward the adulteress indicate it is wrong to rebuke, or that it is unloving to rebuke, or that sin is OK?

Feb 2 AM, LivingAndDyingWithChrist Col 2/12-3/10   (slides)

  • “were dead…made alive”; “have died…as if you were living”;  “have died and your life”; “body as dead…when you were living” What’s all this about? About living and dying with Christ…

Feb 2 PM, The Lord Looks at the Heart    (slides)

  • The fact that the Lord looks at the heart is a principle of God’s dealing with man from Genesis to Revelation. Understanding it is essential to a proper interpretation and application of God’s law and can provide comfort and strength to the sincere child of God and should strike fear in the heart of the hypocrite.

The following six lessons were presented by Todd McAdams Jan 24-26...

Jan 24 Fri PM, What color were the children of the Amelekites?  Todd McAdams

  • If Jesus loves all the children of the world, why did God command that the Amelekite children be killed?

Jan 25 Sat AM, Who can have a stable relationship with God?  Todd McAdams

  • Psalm 15. David’s psalm discusses four things essential to a stable relationship with God.

Jan 25 Sat PM, Make it Your Battle  Todd McAdams

  • Instead of waiting on others or making excuses, make it your battle!

Jan 26 Sun PM Class, Answering Homosexuality  Todd McAdams

  • Some advocates of homosexuality argue they only accept the words of Jesus, not the Old Testament nor the epistles, and contend that Jesus never specifically condemned homosexuality. How do you answer?

Jan 26 Sun AM, Something Greater than Jonah is Here  Todd McAdams  (slides)

  • The book of Jonah is not only about Jonah’s preaching, but about Jonah. This lesson compares Jonah, the reluctant preacher, with Jesus, the ready Messiah. 

Jan 26 Sun PM, God's Plan for Church Growth  Todd McAdams

  • The What? How? Who? and Why? of God’s plan for church growth.  

Jan 19 AM, Ten Reasons Given for not Obeying the Gospel  David VanVoorhis

  • These may be some of the very reasons you have heard. How do you respond? David suggests some Scriptures that can be used to show the fallacy of these “reasons." 

Jan 19 PM, Answer to Personal Prayer Requests

  • If we believe the Bible to be the Word of God, we know that God answers prayer. However, is He concerned about one’s personal issues and common things people face in daily life? 

Jan 12 AM, Moses and the Pentateuch

  • The Pentateuch contains vital information for faith and instruction, and the Mosaic authorship of it is critical to our confidence in it. What does it mean to us to know that Moses is indeed the author? 

Jan 12 PM, Delegated Authority Based on Relationships

  • Delegated authority is based on relationships is a principle that will help us understand the sphere and limitation of the authority of elders.

Jan 5 AM, Answer to Prayer

  • When we pray, we expect to be heard. But, are we prepared to understand how God answers prayer? Failure to do so can lead to discouragement, vexation, and even the undermining of our faith. © Steve Fontenot 2016