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Dec 27, Sun AM, Can Every Sunday be Special?   Matt Ennen

Dec 27, Sun PM, Materialism  (slides)  Rocky Rodriguez

  • Rocky’s previous lesson on worldliness was on Dishonesty, Oct. 18, Sunday PM. His next lesson is on the Christians’s Dress, April 17, Sunday PM.

Dec 20, Sun AM, The Virgin Birth

  • Two historical documents of the first century record that Jesus of Nazareth was born of a virgin. Is this universally believed in “Christian” religions? Is it credible? Is it important?

Dec 20, Sun PM, Challenges to Youth

  • God expects young people, whether 16 or 36, to be committed to His service. But, sometimes young people make excuses to account for their failure to have that commitment. Are they justified?

Dec 13, Sun AM, Promise of the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:38

  • Is the “gift of the Holy Spirit” Acts 2:38 the same as the Samaritans  "receiving the Holy Spirit” in Acts 8:17 or  “the gift of the Holy Spirit” poured out on Cornelius and his household in Acts 10:45? How can you know whether it is? And if it is not, what does the “gift of the Holy Spirit” in Acts 2:38 refer to?

Dec 06, Sun AM, A Strange Birthday Celebration

  • Christmas is celebrated as Jesus’ birthday. But there are some strange things about this whole affair and those who promote it.

Dec 06, Sun PM, Homosexual Expose

  • Homosexuality abounds in our society and a number of efforts are made to justify it, even by those who profess to believe in the Bible and in the gospel. An expose at some of those efforts.

Nov 29, Sun AM, Beginning Right IV  God’s works and laws are good”

  • Marriage and foods are GOOD…as God made them, and 1Tim 4:3 says they are to be “gratefully shared in” by those who “believe and know the truth.”  Had the people Paul alludes to BEGUN with this fundamental concept, they would not have ENDED with the false doctrines and practices he mentions. (Lesson 1 - Oct 4)

Nov 22, Sun AM, Beginning Right III Man is a unique being, uniquely responsible to God

  • Man as a unique being, uniquely responsible to God is foundational to right thinking. This is a third concept we have observed in Genesis for beginning right in our thinking.  (Lesson 1 - Oct 4)

Nov 22, Sun PM, Singing   Sam Walters (slides)

  • Why singing? How can the song leader help our singing? How can the congregation help our singing? (This lesson builds on the one Sam preached Oct 18, Attitude in Worship.”)

Nov 15, Sun AM, Facing the Future with Faith

  • Tumult occurs in our world, and may visit us in the US again. How can, and should, I deal with it?

Nov 15, Sun PM, Gal 6:10

  • Gal 6:10 has been used to justify churches being involved in any work that is “good,” including general benevolence and social work. What is the passage talking about in the context?


The following six lessons were presented by Ross Triplett in a weekend gospel meeting, November 5-8, Friday-Sunday. The theme of these lessons address the moral decline in our society, what is the cause, and where it leads. What is our responsibility?

   ▶︎ Friday, A Lack of Knowledge Causes Destruction: Hosea 4:1-10   (slides)

   ▶︎ Saturday AM, A Generation Not Knowing Jehovah: Judges 2:1-13    (slides)

   ▶︎ Saturday AM (2), Why Few Find the Way: Matthew 7:13-14    (slides)

   ▶︎ Sunday AM Class, Steps to Effective Development: 2 Peter 3:18    (slides)

   ▶︎ Sunday AM, Moral Courage: Daniel 3:17-18; Hebrews 13:6    (slides)

   ▶︎ Sunday PM, God’s Ready Servant: Romans 1:14-15    (slides)

Nov 1, Sun AM, Mark 16:17-20 

  • “These signs will accompany those who have believed…” Who are the “those who have believed”? ALL believers in the gospel? EARLY believers in the gospel? APOSTLES?

Nov 1, Sun PM, Beginning Right II The Word of God is Powerful and Authoritative

  • Genesis provides a solid foundation for right thinking. This lesson considers it’s foundation for respect for the authority and power of God’s Word. (Lesson 1 - Oct 4)

Oct 25, Sun AM, Scripture +

  • If so many religious groups regard the Scriptures as God’s Word and refer to in their doctrines and practices, why is their so much difference in these groups? 

Oct 25, Sun PM, Ricochet Teaching, Preaching

  • It is not uncommon for “Bible teaching” to use a verse in a way that misses the target (the meaning of the verse) and bounces off in random directions (ricochets) to points the teacher wishes to make. This lesson considers uses of  1Co 13:13; Jn16:13; 1Pt 2:5; 1Th 5:22 as examples of this.

Oct 18, Sun AM, Attitude in Worship    Sam Walters  (slides)

Oct 18, Sun PM,  Dishonesty   Rocky Rodriguez   (slides)

  • Rocky’s previous lesson on worldliness was, Ten Principles to determine whether something is Right or Wrong, preached  on Dishonesty, August 9, Sunday PM. His next lesson is on worldliness is on Materialism, December 27, Sunday PM.

Oct 11, Sun AM, What do I say…?  Matt Ennen

Oct 11, Sun PM, Dealing with Infirmities  Javier Leal

Oct 4, Sun AM, Families - What if…?

  • Families experience unhappiness, quarrels, and even divorce. Is there no instruction from God for the family? Where is the book in the Bible on families? What if … ?

Oct 4, Sun PM, Beginning Right I - God is the Creator and Ruler of the Universe

  • Genesis provides a foundation for right thinking for Israel c. 1500 BC. Romans 1 reflects that same foundation for those in the Roman empire in the 1st century.  It is a secure foundation today with important consequential applications to man’s thinking and conduct today. (Lesson II - Nov 1)

Sep 27, Sun AM, “To eat and drink” (Four views of life)

  • We are encouraged to “eat and drink” in Ecclesiastes, but in Luke 12 a man who said he was going to “eat and drink” is called a fool. Which is it? In fact, this highlights different views how to live. This lesson pursues four different views of life presented in the Scriptures.

Sep 27, Sun PM, Shame   Javier Leal

  • Shame is sometimes good, and lack of it can be indicative of moral perverseness. A sense of shame accompanying who we associate with may be signal we need to pay attention to. On the other hand, there are things we should not be ashamed of. This lesson is a good Biblical study of shame.

Sep 20, Sun AM, “Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?"

  • Many quit following Jesus, Jn 6:66. Why? Hypocrisy of Jesus? No. Fraud-failed prophecies? No. Then, Why? “Difficult.” But, what are the options? “Lord, to Whom shall we go?"

Sep 20, Sun PM, Singing - Why? What? How?

  • Why should we sing? Tradition? Commanded? Or…is there other reason? What kind of songs should we sing? Even among the scriptural kind, are there other factors to be considered in selection? How should we sing? Emotions are definitely involved in singing, but is that the measure of singing that pleases God?

Sep 13, Sun AM, World Religions 

  • Paul confronted world religions, Acts 17. So do we. Why is the religion of Christ superior? Is it unique? Is it for ALL people? How should Christians act toward world religions and those who profess them?

Sep 13, Sun PM, 10 Principles: Is it Right or Wrong?  (slides) Rocky Rodriguez 

  • How is the Christian to determine what is right and what is wrong?  Some practices are not “black and white,” i.e., specifically forbidden. This lesson discusses five of ten principles that can help godly people determine what is pleasing to God in all areas of life. 1st five are discussed in lesson Aug 9 PM.

Sep 6, Sun AM, The Preacher Who Couldn’t Quit, Jer 20:9

  • Encouragemnt to teachers and preachers not to give up and quit. Challenge to all to examine self to see if we are the ones that discourage teachers and preachers.

Sep 6, Sun PM, Evolution vs the Bible

  • Can the theory of organic, or macro-evolution, be harmonized with the Bible. Theistic evolution says it can. What is the evidence?

Aug 30, Sun PM, The God We Worship

  • Study of the God we worship based on Lev. 10. He will be LORD; He will be GOD; He will be JUDGE!

Aug 23, Sun AM, Worthy art Thou

  • Rev 4:11; 5:2,4,9,12 repeatedly focus on the concept, “Worthy art Thou.” Why is He worthy and what bearing does that have on the readers' situation? A follow up question: Are WE worthy?

Aug 23, Sun AM, Discipline of Children

  • Training up a child according to God’s will involves discipline. What is discipline and how should it be administered? A study of Scriptures that provide counsel concerning this important responsibility.

Aug 16, Sun AM, What’s the Difference?

  • When the Lord makes a difference, we must respect it. This applies to the government, worship, work, and doctrine of a church. What is the difference in the church authorized by the Lord and the churches of today?

Aug 16, Sun PM, Why are you a member of a church of Christ?

  • We may be asked by family members, friends, co-workers, “Why are you a member of a church of Christ?” What is our answer? What should be our answer?

Aug 9, Sun AM, Opinions

  • “That’s his opinion” ...mean not biblical? ...mean “You can feel free to ignore it”? Are opinions and matters of faith different? Should we teach our opinion? Should our personal opinion give way to common opinion or understanding, esp. of faithful Christians, or elders? 

Aug 9, PM, 10 Principles: Is it Right or Wrong? (slidesRocky Rodriguez

  • How is the Christian to determine what is right and what is wrong?  Some practices are not “black and white,” i.e., specifically forbidden. This lesson discusses the first five of ten principles that can help godly people determine what is pleasing to God in all areas of life. Rocky preached on “Not of this World” on June 21, Sunday PM.

Aug 2, Sun AM, The Evil One

  • We are in a war. It can be useful to be aware of the nature and methods of our adversary. This lesson looks at some of characteristics of our enemy related to the terms used to describe him.

July 26, Sun AM, “What is Man that You are Mindful of Him?"

  • The vastness, complexity, and incomprehensibleness of the universe created and governed by God is appealed to in order to promote praise, humility, and comfort.

July 26, Sun PM, Traditions  Coy Baldwin

  • Should we follow traditions? Yes, and no. A studyof right and wrong attitudes toward traditions.

July 19, Sun AM, The Lord’s Church is Different

  • HOW is it different? Three definite differences considered.

July 19, Sun PM, Foolishness in the Child

  • Pro 22:15 says “foolishness” is bound up in the heart of a child. Parent have the responsibility strive to separate the child from that “foolishness.” But, what is “foolishness”?

July 12, Sun AM, Dress your body “for the Lord”

  • Our body is “for the Lord, 1Co 6:13. How does this impact how we should dress?

July 12, Sun PM, Acts 15: An Example of Ascertaining Authority

  • Acts 15 is an example of ascertaining authority using statements, commands, events, and implications.

July 5, Sun AM, "Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy” Rom 12:9

  • Attitudes and practices of genuine love discussed in Romans 12:9f

June 5, Sun PM, Unity - Eph 4

  • The essential attitude, foundation, means, and goal of the unity of the Spirit

June 28, Sun AM, Trials when Surrounded by Ungodliness

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the ungodlines in our society and in our nation? This lesson looks at some things Peter wrote in his two lettters to help Christians surrounded by ungodliness.

June 28, Sun PM, Stir, Stir Up

  • Lessons from different meanings of the word “stir” or “stir up” in the New Testament.

June 21, Sun AM - Lessons from a father   (slides)   Sam Walters

June 21, Sun PM - Not of this World (slides)  Rocky Rodriguez

  • Rocky presented 10 principles to help us determine if something is right or wrong on August 9, PM. In our effort to be "not of this world” knowing and applying these principles can help us.

June 14, Sun AM - The God Appointed Music in Worship

  • Is the use of mechanical instruments of music in worship authorized by God? Eight NT “witnesses.” Eight efforts made to justify their use.

June 14, Sun PM - Appointment of Elders

  • “Appoint elders…” Tit 1:5. What was Titus to do to “appoint” elders? Did this mean he was to select them? Did it require laying hands on them? Was there a ceremony for appointment? What was his work?


The following six lessons were presented by Roger Bruner in a weekend gospel meeting with a theme of addressing spiritual growth ...

June 5, Friday - Challenging Our Faith   (slides)

June 6, Saturday #1 - Challenging our Faith II - Understanding the Will of the Lord (slides)

June 6, Saturday #2 - Enmity and Wisdom  (slides)

June 7, Sunday AM Class - Faith and Hope - How are they related?   (slides)

June 7, Sunday AM - Purpose and Plan of the Church   (slides)

June 7, Sunday PM - Rightly Applying God’s Word


May 31, Sun AM - Walk in Moral Wisdom

  • A study from Ephesians 5:3-21

May 31, Sun PM - Servant Wounded for Our Transgressions  (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

  • A study based on Isa 53

May 24, Sun AM - Loving God and Loving Truth

  • Love for God cannot be separated from love for God’s truth revealed in His words, the Bible.The measure of our love for God can be measured by our interest in and devotion to that truth.

May 24, Sun PM - Who is the Lord that I Should Obey His Voice?

  • Pharaoh asked this question and God provided objective, historical evidence, not only for Pharaoh, but also for Isael and all the earth why the God of Moses is the God all should serve.

May 17, Sun AM - The Power of God   Javier Leal

  • God’s omniscience, omnipresence, immutability, incomprehensibility, and invisibility provide lessons, comfort, and warnings to us.

May 17, Sun PM - Accepting Responsibility

  • Consideration of Moses’ four excuses to attempt avoiding the responsibility of leading Israel out of Egyptian bondage and applications to our attitudes toward responsibility.

May 10, Sun AM - The Great Robber

  • Jesus warned, “Beware!” Alarms, bars, guns will not stop this robber. And what it robs one of is of more value than electronics, money, or jewels. All are susceptible and it will continue to assault.

May 10, Sun PM - Work of Elders

  • 1Tim 3:1, “it is a fine work … ” What is that work? Though one may have a good character, if he cannot or will not do the work, he is not qualified to serve.

May 3, Sun AM - Baptism: It’s Uniqueness and Dignity

  • It is important that we, our children, and our grandchildren, be reminded of the uniqueness and dignity of baptism. It is a vitally important act in God’s [lan of redemption.

May 3, Sun PM - Titus 1 - Overview of Elders Qualifications   (slides)

  • This lesson covers seven qualifications not mentioned in 1Timothy 3. (See March 15 and April 12 for lessons on 1Timothy 3.)

Apr 26, Sun AM - Futility   (slides)

  • Three futile realities referred to in Scripture with valuable lessons the Spirit provides in view of these futilities.

Apr 26, Sun PM - Four Lessons Learned from Hezekiah  Rocky Rodriguez  (slides)

  • Four valuable lessons that can be learned by considering Hezekiah.

Apr 19, Sun AM - Elders children   (slides)

  • Must elders have MORE THAN ONE child? Must elders’ children be CHRISTIANS? Must elders’ have LIVING, FAITHFUL children? 

Apr 19, Sun AM - Elders children (forum)

  • A forum on the topic discussed in the morning lesson. Several questions that were submitted are discussed.

Apr 12, Sun AM, A Portrait of Jesus   (slides)

  • Descriptive phrases of Jesus Christ given reason for confidence, warning, hope, and worship. Based on Rev 1:5,6 .

Apr 12, Sun PM, 1Tim 3 - Overview of Elders Qualifications   (slides)

  • Study of 1Tim 3:1-7, with consideration of guidelines in rendering judgment about who is qualified. This lesson covers qualifcations “temperate" thru "good reputation.” See March 15 PM for 1st part.

Apr 5, Sun AM, Psalm 23   (slides)

  • A study of Psalm 23. The Psalm is founded on, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” What did this mean to David, and what does it mean to me? A song of faith, assurance, and comfort.

Mar 29, Sun AM, Jesus and the Inspired Scriptures   (slide - “jot” and “tittle")

  • Jesus Christ’ testimony to the Scriptures confirms them to be what 2Tim 3:16 says about them: “inspired by God.” If you believe Jesus is the Son of God, you can have confidence in “the Scriptures”!

Mar 22, Sun AM, Psa 32, 38 (slides)

  • In these two psalms, David writes about his burden of gulit and shame, what he had to do to see relief, and the joy and blessedness of God’s forgiveness by His grace.

Mar 22, Sun PM, His Servants   (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

  • In Rocky’s lesson on Feb 22, PM, he looked at Christ as God’s Servant in Isaiah. In this lesson he looks at other servants of God and makes application to the honor and responsibilities of Christians today as God’s servants.

Mar 15, Sun AM, What it Means to Preach Jesus   (slides)

  • What does “preaching Jesus” involve? A consideration of what preaching Jesus as was done in the first century would include. Some of these would not be included in “preaching Jesus” today.

Mar 15, Sun PM, 1Tim 3 - Overview of Elder Qualifications   (slides)

  • Study of 1Tim 3:1-7, with consideration of guidelines in rendering judgment about who is qualified. This lesson covers qualifcations through “husband of one wife.” See April 12 PM for continuation.

Mar 8, Sun AM, Perfect Faith  Andrew Brockner

Mar 8, Sun PM, Preach the Word   Sam Walters

Mar 1, Sun AM, Love “One Another”   (slides)

  • The is a special love Christians are to have for “one another” due to their relationship to Christ. This lesson explores the nature of this love and its practical applications.

Mar 1, Sun PM, Paul on Trial   (slides)

  • There are three courts of judgment regarding himself that Paul referred to in 1Co 4:1-5. This provides valuable lessons in weghing these “verdicts."

Feb 22, Sun AM, Eph 2:8-10, Grace…works  (slides)

  • What is meant by saved by “grace,” not as a result of “works”? What are the “good works” we are to practice?

Feb 22, Sun PM, My Servant - Four Servant Psalms  (slides)   Rocky Rodriguez

  • Jesus Christ is portrayed as the Servant of Jehovah in Isaiah in four Servant Psalms. In these are foreshadowed the hope of the nations, and God’s faithfulness, mercy, and power are demonstrated.

Feb 15, Sun AM, "I need a change” II   (slides)

  • Sometimes people change their fellowship from one church to another for justifiable reasons. What are some of the reasons that logically, and scripturally, would justify such a change? (See 1st lesson, Feb 8, AM)

Feb 15, Sun PM, Useful to the Master, 2Tim 2:20,21   (slides)

  • This was written to a preacher. This lesson considers first what his meant to him, and then its application to us.

Feb 08, Sun AM, “I need a change    (slides)

  • Often the “reason” given for people leaving one church for another is, “I need a change.” Do they? They may! But … it may not be a change of churches … (See 2nd lesson, Feb 15, AM)

Feb 08, Sun PM, Christ, The Perfect Sacrifice   Javier Leal

  • We are saved by God’s grace through Christ’ perfect sacrifice. As the sinless sacrifice he suffered the agony of the cross and paid the price of his blood for our redemption.

Feb 01, Sun AM, NT Letters - Pattern for Churches?

  • Were the 23 NT letters (Acts-Rev.) designed to a pattern for churches in their doctrine, government, worship, and work? Was their a single model for the churches? What difference does it make?

Feb 01, Sun PM, NT Letters - Pattern for Churches II

  • Objetions are raised to insisting on the NT letters being held as a pattern for churches in their worship, work, and government. What are some of those objections and are they valid?

Gospel Meeting, January 23-25, Bubba Garner

     Jan 23, Fri PM, We Saw Thee Not, but We Believe

   ✸  Jan 24, Sat AM, When Dreams Turn to Doubt

     Jan 24, Sat AM, The Devil Unveiled

     Jan 25, Sun AM, How to Listen to a Sermon

     Jan 25, Sun AM, I Want to be a Worker

     Jan 25, Sun PM, Following the Lord Fully

Jan 18, Sun AM, One Another

  • Scriptures to encourage thought, involvement, service to one another: Mt 25:40; Rom 12:5; Php 2:4; 1Pt 2:8; Heb 3:13

Jan 18 PM, Worthless Grapes   Sam Walters    (slides)

  • Based on Isaiah chapter 5. God called Israel “worthless” grapes. Why? This lesson challenges us not to make the same mistake they did. 

Jan 11, Sun AM, Inheritance of Faith   (slides)

  • No greater inheritance can parents or grandparents give their children than to have instilled in them and witnessed in action a sincere, living faith in God, the Bible as the Word of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And a life demonstrating that kind of faith is a treasured “gift” anyone can give to those who witness their life. 

Jan11, Sun PM, The Messiah and His Rule  Rocky Rodriguez   (slides)

  • Based on Isa 11-12. A study of these two chapters as they prophecy the coming Messiah and His rule.

Jan 4, Sun AM, Thoughts for a New Year Col 1:9-12   (slides)

  • What would you “not cease to pray for and ask” as you begin the new year? Col 1:9-12 is what Paul prayed for the Colossian Christians, and it is appropriate for a new year or anytime. 

Jan 4, Sun PM, Love that Destroys   (slides)

  • “Love” is considered as word that blesses everything it refers to. But, “love” is not necessarily good. In fact, there is “love” that destroys. Awareness of this fact can be a safeguard and incentive. © Steve Fontenot 2016