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All sermons by Steve Fontenot unless otherwise noted.

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Dec 25, Sun AM, Baptism  Rocky Rodriguez

  • Although several baptisms are mentioned in Scripture, the Lord made one, immersion in water, essential for a penitent, confessing, believer to be saved. 

Dec 25, Sun PM - Materialism  Rocky Rodriguez

  • Materialism is ever present danger, and especially at this time of the year. Our Lord warned about it and set incontrast porper values and views. Throughout, the Scriptures teach about the dangers of materialism. 

Dec 18, Sun AM, Tis the Season

  • Snares that threaten to derail us at this season of the year

Dec 18, Sun PM, God Prepares Ezekiel   (slides)

  • Lessons for preachers and teachers gained from God preparing Ezekiel for his work

Dec 11, Sun AM, "But from the beginning it has not been this way” Mt 19:8

  • The Lord set a precedent in going back to “the beginning” to ascertain God’s plan. Churches today who wish to follow God’s plan, should go back to “the beginning” as a pattern for their teaching and practice.

Dec 04, Sun AM, Angry about God’s Grace

  • God’s grace is cause for praising him. However, men have not only been displeased, but even angry about God extending His grace to some. 

Dec 04, Sun PM, Are you Putting Too Much Trust in Man?  Craig Rice  (slides)

  • Putting too much confidence in men is a cause for concern. How can we avoid people worship, and promote God worship?

Nov 27, Sun AM, A Defense - 1Pe 3:15-16

  • How does sanctifying Christ as Lord in our hearts enable us to give a defense for the hope within us and the behavior it produces?

Nov 27, Sun PM, Woman’s Worth

  • God’s Word provides a correct view of the esteem for women in consideration of her value to her children and to the church.

Nov 20, Sun AM, Present Your Bodies - Rom 12:1-2

  • A study of Paul’s exhortation in Rom 12:1f and consideration of practical applications.

Nov 20, Sun PM, Transgenderism

  • A study of the principles concerning the body found in 1Co 6:12-20 and consideration of their bearing on change of gender. (First lesson, Nov 13, PM)

Nov 13, Sun AM, Reviled

  • Peter wrote, “Do not be surprised” at way you may be treated and specifically mentioned being “reviled for the name of Christ.” (1Pt 4:12…14). 

Nov 13, Sun PM, Transgenderism

  • Biblical principles regarding the subject of gender identity. (Second lesson, Nov 20, PM)


The following lessons were presented by David Smitherman in Humble, TX, November 4-6. 

Nov 4, Fri, Voices from Heaven (from the book of Revelation) (slides)

Nov 5, Sat1, Answering Life’s Most Important Question (Is the Bible from God?) (slides)

Nov 5, Sat2, What did Jesus Build when He built the church? (study of Eph 2:11f) (slides)

Nov 6, Sun1, How to Know I’m a Disciple   ("love”) (slides)

Nov 6, Sun2, Unity in Diversity  (slides)

Nov 6, Sun3, What are “first principles”?  (slides)



Oct 30, What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?

  • Pilate, the Roman governor, came to a crossroads: “What shall I do with Jesus, who is called Christ?” We come to similar crossroads in ouir daily walk. The answer we give will affect our eternal destiny. 

Oct 30, Sun PM, What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ? (II)

  • Pilate, the Roman governor, came to a crossroads: “What shall I do with Jesus, who is called Christ?” We come to similar crossroads in ouir daily walk. The answer we give will affect our eternal destiny. (Part II)

Oct 23, Sun AM, Prison Prayers

  • Considerations of prayers from the prison epistles.

Oct 23, Sun PM, Hell

  • Hell -  a a place of eternal punishment

Oct 16, Sun AM, Faith, Rocky Rodriguez

  • “Faith” connotes different ideas in Biblical usage and is often misunderstood in religion today. It is an important subject since it is the means to access so many of God’s blessings. 

Oct 09, Sun AM, Repentance  Matt Ennen

  • Repentance is essential to being a Christian. But, how do we accomplish it? A suggested framework.

Oct 09, Sun PM, Encouraging One Anonther Like Barnabas.  Sam Walters

  • Barnabas set an example of how we can encourage one another and thereby build up the church.

Oct2, Sun AM, Gospel Redemption vs. “New Age”/Gnostic “Redemption”

  • Gnosticism was a threat in the early church. It is not dead. The “New Age” movement reflects some of the same errors and tendencies. Beware of Biblical terms used with different meanings. Based on Eph 1:7.

Oct 2, Sun PM, Grace   Rocky Rodriguez

  • Grace is a subject grossly misunderstood by the religious world. This lesson, while exposing some of those errors, emphasizes the positive and critical essentiality of grace for our salvation.

Sep 25, Sun AM, Three Dispensations

  • What is a “dispensation”? Why is it important? What are thre three dispensations in the Bible?

Sep 25, Sun PM, Work of an Evangelist

  • What it is NOT; What it IS. Evangelists, elders, and saints need to understand this.

Sep 18, Sun AM, Playing Religion

  • Throughout Scriptures men are indicted for practicing “religion” when in fact they were not engaged in true worship and service to God. 

Sep 18, Sun PM, A Contrite Sinner’s Prayer for Pardon - Psa 51

  • David’s song prayer after his sin with Bathesheba is instructive in the attitude a contrite sinner ought and will have in seeking God’s mercy.

Sep 11, Sun AM, Anger

  • Jesus became angry, Mk 3:5, yet, Christians were told to put away anger, Eph 4:31. Obviously, anger is sometimes justified, but sometimes SIN. When is anger sinful? Divine instruction that can help overcome anger.

Sep 11, Sun PM, Godhead   Rocky Rodriguez

  • There are varying ideas about God, even in “Christian” religions. This lesson discusses three persons with “Godhood,” the concept of “One God,” and the roles of the three persons in the Godhead.

Sep 04, Sun AM, Lessons from Death (2)

  • Lessons growing out of the reality of death from Ecclesiastes and compared with the New Testament dimension. (Lesson 1, Aug. 28, AM)

Sep 04, Sun PM, Amazing Grace

  • God’s grace is indeed “amazing” in it scope and hope for sinful man.

Aug 28, Sun AM, Lessons from Death

  • Lessons growing out of the reality of death from Ecclesiastes and compared with the New Testament dimension. (Lesson 2, Sep. 4, AM)

Aug 28, Sun PM, Overcoming Worry

  • Jesus taught, “do not worry,” Mt 6:19f. What did he say to help us accomplish that?

Aug 21, Sun PM, Denominationalism vs the Bible

  • Differences in denominationalism and the Bible.

Aug 21, Sun PM, Authority   Rocky Rodriguez

  • On Aug 7, pm, Rocky began this study on authority. He continues by looking again at the inductive method and at recogizing and applying generica and specific authority.

Aug 14, Sun AM, Studying the Bible - Why?

  • We give lip service to the need to study the Bible, but do we? Why is it so important? This lesson considers several reasons why Bible study is critical to our well being here and eternally.

Aug 14, Sun PM, Woman’s Worth

  • Three false concepts are charged to the Bible based on a misunderstanding of three passages: Woman is not as important as man since she is just his “helper,” Gen 2:18; a worthy woman will help provide monetary income so that “he have no lack of gain,” Pro 31:11; women are “not allowed to teach” men, 1Tim 2:12. This lesson considers these three passages and their interpretation.

Aug 7, Sun AM, Vain Worship - Mark 7

  • Jesus said some religious people’s worship was vain. Why? Was it their lack of devotion (commentaries)? Was it because they sought righteousness by law keeping (commentaries)? What was the reason Jesus indicted?

Aug 7, Sun PM, Authority   Rocky Rodriguez

  • What is “authority”? Using the inductive method to ascertain authority is biblical—what is it? What are the facts we need to gather to ascertaining what God has authorized? Rocky continues this study on Aug 21, pm.

July 31, Sun AM, Looking to Jesus

  • Throughout the NT, Christians are urged to focus their minds and hearts on Jesus. Doing so will help us meet the challenges of life, whether it be neglect, guilt, apostasy, discouragement, or other things that jeopardize our relationship and service to God.

July 24, Sun Am, The Christian’s Dress

  • How we dress may REFLECT or AFFECT morality. With this in view, this lesson is a discussion of some of the Scriptural principles that should help the Christian decide about what is appropriate dress.

July 24, Sun PM, Gospel Accounts of Jesus confirmed by His Resurrection

  • How do we know the gospel accounts of Jesus are true? There are a number of evidences—this lesson focuses on the evidence of the resurrection. What is the proof we believe it? Not our words, but our life. (This lesson is a follw up to the July 17, AM, lesson.) 

July 17, Sun AM, Gospel Accounts of Jesus

  • How old are our written accounts of Jesus on which we build our faith? Who authored them? Objective evidence supports their existence over 1900 years ago. What do they say about him? How do they portrey him? (See July 24, PM, for a follow up lesson.)

July 17, Sun PM, Analogies and Argumentation

  • Extending Bible analogies beyond the point the speaker or writer intended to make with them is a misuse of them and leads to error in doctrine and practice. (part 1, July 10, Sun pm)

July 10, Sun AM, Analogies and Argumentation

  • Analogies can be useful, but also can contribute to wrong concepts. Human analogies may be used to “prove” error.  Bible analogies may be the basis for assumed, untrue analogies. In reasoning about God’s will, we must be careful to use our argumentation is valid. (part 2, July 17, Sun pm)

July 10, Sun PM, Sensuality   Rocky Rodriguez

  • God warns against sensuality (lasciviousness, wantonness, lewdness) and provides means and guidance to protect us from it. Though we live in a world that promotes, glorifies, and revels in sensuality, the child of God cannot participate in it. Rocky has been preaching on Worldliness and its threat to the Christian. His last lesson was on April 17, 2016, on the Christian’s dress. The first lesson was on June 21, 2015, about being “Not of this World.” This is #7 of seven lessons.

July 3, Sun AM, The Hour

  • The focus of Jesus teaching, miracles, and ministry is, from the beginning to the end, on his death, burial, and resurrection. This is, throughout the gospels, referred to as “the hour.” That this “hour" was God’s plan demonstrates the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That the “Christ” was to suffer and die, be raised from the dead, and ascend to glory, was a battle field of faith in the 1st century and is today. It is the foundation, motivation, and hope of the Christian’s faith today.

July 3, Sun PM, Barnabas the Encourager

  • Why Barnabas came to be so called “Son of Encouragement” by the apostles, we cannot be certain. But throughout the Acts of the Apostles, Luke cites examples of his encouraging others. Even now, his example can encourage us to duty and service.

June 26, Sun AM, Moral Responsibility   (slides)

  • Are we are morally responsible for the effect of our conduct and possessions on others? If so, what impact could this have on affect our decisions and conduct relative to our dress, drinking,  dancing, priorities … ?

June 26, Sun PM, Faulty Views of “Fellowship"

  • Churches today have fellowship halls for eating and other social actives. They also unite under the common leadership of a sponsoring church to have fellowship among churches. Is this what the New Testament is talking about when it discusses “fellowship” among Christians or involving churches?

June 19, Sun AM, The Goverment of the Church (3 kinds)   (slides)

  • Three kinds of church government are universal, brotherhood, and local. A fourth is an amalgation of two of these—the brotherhood and local. It is exemplified in Baptist churches who work through the Southern Baptist Convention and Churches of Christ who work through a “Sponsoring Church.” The only one authorized by the New Testament is the local church arrangement.

June 19, Sun PM, Heaven and Why I Want to Go There

  • Why do you want to go to heaven? Streets of gold? Peraly gates? Angel wings? Or are there better, rational, scriptural reasons for making it one’s life goal?


The following lessons were presented by Todd McAdams in Humble, TX, June 10-12. 

June 10, Fri PM, Jolted by John

  • A study of the breadth of John’s writings, not only in his gospel, but in his other four letters.  It can broaden our appreciation of John’s writings and whet our appetite to read him more.

June 11, Sat 9:30 AM, The Unconquerable Reign of the Lord’s Anointed 

  • A study of Psalm 2, the unconquerable reign of the Lord’s anointed in spite of all the efforts to prevent it, and the admonitions that follow from it.

June 11, Sat 10:45 AM, “Jesus Wept”

  • Three Scriptures refer to Jesus weeping. Considering why He wept can deepen our understanding of our Lord and help us to be his disciples.

June 12, Sun 9:30 AM, Chew on That!

  • What did Jesus mean when he said men must eat his flesh and drink his blood?

June 12, Sun 10:30 AM, “I Know that My Redeemer Lives!” Part 1

  • How can we know our Redeemer lives? Peter presented objective evidence in his sermon on the day of Pentecost, Acts 2.

June 12, Sun 5:00 PM, “I Know that My Redeemer (Avenger) Lives” Part 2

  • The godly persons desires that wrongs to him and around him be avenged. He can confidently say, “I know my Avenger lives!"


June 5, Sun AM, Bad Times

  • The world seems upside down. Morality is perverted. Ignorance abounds. Atheism is prevalent. Even churches are corrupted. Discouraging? How can one cope? Does this undermine our confidence in the credibility of our faith? Wait . . . if you want to see some bad times, look at what some of people of ancient times faced and how they dealt with it. It can be enlightening and encouraging.

June 5, Sun PM, Bible Dogs   slides

  • The Holy Spirit used various analogies to teach lessons, e.g., “child,” “body,” etc. One analogy is to liken something to a “dog.” Valuable lessons can be gained by considering these “dog” analogies. 

May 29, Sun AM, Remembering the Wrong Things

  • People can remember the WRONG things about the right event. Lk 17:32 and Jer 2:32 illustrate this. What do we remember we partake of the Lord’s Supper “in memory of Me”? The scene on the cross? Is that it? What did Christ intend for us to remember? “Remember” calls for ACTION - what action does the Lord’s Supper memorial call for?

May 22, Sun AM, Why Do You Delay?

  • Ananias asked, "Why Do you Delay?” Ac 22:16. It is a question applicable to those who are not Christians and to those who are Christians. Why DO men delay to do what they need to do in obedience to God? This lesson explores some of the obstacles to obedience and looks at Scriptures that may help to overcome them. 

May 15, Sun AM, Premillennialism’s Grave Consequences #2   (slides)

  • Premillennialism claims the prophesied kingdom was postponed. Jesus said it was “at hand” and would come to pass in the lifetime of the people who lived in the 1st century. Was Jesus a true prophet? Premillennialism says the nature of that prophesied kingdom was that it would its rule on earth would be accomplished by carnal warfare and that there would be an advantage to being a Jew in the flesh. Is this the kingdom Jesus and the apostles spoke of? Premillennialism says that when this kingdom on earth is established in the millennium, the Law of Moses, anaimal sacrifices, and the Levitical priesthood would be re-established. How does this affect the work of Christ? (Lesson #1 on April 3, 2016)

May 15, Sun PM, Seeming Contradictions 

  • Does the Bible contradict itself? Some claim it does. This lesson looks at three pairs of scriptures that seem to contradict, but do they? Pro 6:12,14 vs Lk 12:51 -  causing division OK? Mt 18:3 vs 1Co 14:20 - being like children good or bad? Ac 16:31 vs Ac 22:16 - saved by faith or baptism?  (Lesson 1, April 17, 2016)

May 8, Sun AM, Mistaken Expectations of the Church

  • Mistaken expectations of what the church ought to be lead to confusion, division, and rejection of God’s plan for the church. In this lesson, the following misconceptions are discussed: Perfection In The Lives Of The Members; Church To Serve As A Social Center, Political Arm, Or Civic Organization;  Church To Be Unoffensive; Church should Change To Fit The Times in Doctrine, Organization, Work, and Worship.

May 8, Sun PM, The Contribution of 57-58 AD 

  • Does 2Co 9:13 authorize churches to engage in benevolence to anyone, whether Christians or not? This was a key passage of debate in years past and is still used to defend this practice. This verse is one of several that deal with the contribution of 57-58 AD. Understanding that this collection was based on the special love Christians should sustain for other Christians who love the Lord is helpful in understanding in interpreting this text. This study considers not only this contribution, but the other two wherein benevolent contributions were made by churches (c. 30 AD; c. 45 AD) and the special love that undergirded all three.

May 1, Sun AM, Let Us Bring Back the Ark  (PDF1) (PDF2)

  • David’s efforts to move the ark to Jerusalem provides some valuable lessons about Divine authority. These lessons can be applied to current questions about what churches are authorized to engage in and several are suggested in the lesson. 

May 1, Sun PM, Making the Most of Your Time

  • We should be "making the most of our time” (Eph 5:15), but how do you do that? What did Paul have in mind in the context? After looking at the the context to ascertain the meaning, several suggested applications are explored in the lesson.

April 24, Sun AM, Social Media and Christian Responsibility

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, texting …? Some principles that should govern our use of social media.

April 24, Sun PM, Repentance     Javier Leal

  • The importance, nature, and requisites of repentance, both for those who are not Christians to become Christians, and for those who are Christians to maintain life with God.

April 17, AM, Seeming Contradictions

  • Does the Bible contradict itself? Some claim it does. This lesson looks at three pairs of scriptures that seem to contradict, but do they? Rom 4:5 vs Jam 2:24 - justified by works? Ac 2:21 vs Mt 7:21 - call on the Lord = salvation? Jn 9:31 vs Ac 8:22 - hear sinners prayer? (part 2, 5/15/16)

April 17, PM, The Christian’s Dress   Rocky Rodriguez

  •  In this lesson Rocky explores God’s concern with what people’s wear, the fact that clothes communicate, and Scriptural admonitions that have a bearing on how we dress. Rocky has been preaching on Worldliness and its threat to the Christian. His last lesson was on Dec. 27, 2015, on Materialism. His next lesson is on the Sensuality, July 10, 2016.

April 10, Sun AM, Not Everyone …   (slides)

  • Jesus came to save the lost, but He said “Not everyone…” will be saved. Yes, we may understand that those who deny God, hate God, are morally depraved will not be saved. But what about religious people, those who pray, are morally upright, are sincere, thought by others to be saved, and practice good works? No — “Not everyone” of these will be saved! Who then will be saved?

April 10, Sun PM, Disciplinary Love

  • “Love” is thought of as gentle or affectionate feelings, or of benevolent and kind actions. But there is a different kind of “love” the Bible speaks of. Understanding disciplinary love can impact our thinking and conduct in various facets of life.

April 3, Sun AM, Premillialism’s Grave Consequences   

  • Premillennialism contends that the Old Testament prophecies must be fulfilled literally. But they were NOT interpreted and applied literally by New Testament prophets … now what? Premillennialism says the Jews rejected the prophesied kingdom and thereby kept it from being established. If that is true, how does that affect one’s confidence in the other promises God has made? (Lesson #2, May 15,2016)

April 3, Sun PM, Adultery - Pro 7:24-27

  • Adultery claims many victims—young and old … judges … kings … elders … preachers … and anyone would be foolish if we think it cannot claim YOU! It is deceptive. It is destructive. Over and over the Scriptures warn of its danger. And, the Scriptures counsel how to build marriages to shield against it.



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Mar 27, Sun AM, I Want to Serve God, BUT … (39 min)

  • “Another also said, ‘I will follow you, Lord; BUT…” “BUT”? Jesus responded, “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” Lk 9:61,62. Do we want to follow Jesus … really, and not just pretend … ? No “buts”…! 

Mar 27, Sun PM, Salvation is “in Christ” (43 min)

  • Why is being “in Christ” so important? What does it mean to be “in Christ”? What are the requisites to entering this relationship? What are the requisites for maintaining this relationship?

Mar 20, Sun AM, Service to Brethren  (40 min)

Mar 20, Sun PM, Mishandling the Word of God illustrated with Cremation  (43 min)

Mar 13, Sun AM, Alcohol and the Christian  (42 min) Coy Baldwin  (slides)

Mar 13, Sun PM, Homes Built of a Rock (40 min)

Mar 06, Sun AM, Worshipping in Bethel and Dan (45 min) (Adhering to the Divine pattern)

Mar 06, Sun PM, Homes Built on a Rock  (37 min)  (based on principles in Mt 5)

Feb 28, Sun AM, The Most Important Thing in Life (36 min)

Feb 28, Sun PM, Five Agents in the Conversion of the Eunuch  (40 min)

Feb 21, Sun AM, Requisites to Salvation   (44 min)

Feb 21, Sun PM, Training your children (26 min) [lesson one on Feb 7, pm]

Feb 14, Sun AM, Do not cast away . . .   (46 min) Sunday Ayandare

Feb 14, Sun PM, Report on work in Nigeria   (55 min)   Sunday  Ayandare  (slides)

Feb 7, Sun AM, One Faith in a Multicultural World  (37 min)

Feb 7, Sun PM, Training Your Children (36 min) [lesson two on Feb 21, pm]

Jan 31, Sun AM, God’s Man in the Family   (35 min)

Jan 24, Sun AM, I don't believe in God because   (30 min)

Jan 24, Sun PM, I don’t believe in God because …  (43 min)


The following lessons were preached in a weekend meeting, Jan 15-17, Humble, TX

Jan 15, Fri PM“By the Word of God” vs Organic Evolution   Levi Allen   (22 min)

Jan 15, Fri PM, Sing with or without Mechanical instruments?   Craig Ottersbach    (22 min)

Jan 16, Sat AM1, Glorifying God in the Workplace   Keith Suttle   (21 min)

Jan 16, Sat AM1, Geology and Evolution   Matt Ennen    (21 min)   (slides)

Jan 16, Sat AM2, Oil and the Age of the Earth   Michael Gove    (23 min)  (slides)

Jan 16, Sat AM2, Spiritual Safety   Neil McLeroy    (11 min)

Jan 17, Sun AM, The Light of the World   Sam Walters   (18 min)   (slides)

Jan 17, Sun AM, The Foundation of the Church  Rocky Rodriguez   (20 min)  (outline)

Jan 17, Sun PM, Is God an Unjust Judge?   Javier Leal   (24 min)

Jan 17, Sun PM, Prayer   Alex Urena   (19 min)


Jan 10, Sun AM, When Saints Assemble … (40 min)

Jan 10, Sun PM, Ricochet Teaching   (36 min)

Jan 3, Sun AM, Giving When We Come Together   Sam Walters   (35 min)   (slides)

Jan 3, Sun PM, Respect for the Silence of the Scriptures   Javier Leal   (31 min) © Steve Fontenot 2016